Valentine's Day Heart Bracelet


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    absolutely stunning and the perfect accessory to wear anytime you want to be noticed.This gorgeous bracelet is an awesome addition to your jewelry box!  

    • Handmade in America directly out of our production facility in New Jersey. American-made jewelry, paying American workers fair and livable wages. 
    • On-demand jewelry with quality, all of our pieces are made with only the best materials, and we constantly refine those materials to keep our product quality the highest, at the lowest possible cost. 
    • Guaranteed quality on delivery, if a product arrives defective, we will replace it. 
    • Glass sealed faces, water-resistant
    • Stainless steel, surgical grade

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    Bracelet S/M  7" - 18cm    
    Bracelet M/L  8" - 20cm

    Charm measures   0.70" x 0.70" x 0.40". Bracelet is 0.12" wide

    Charm measures  18mm x  18mm x 10mm. Bracelet is 3mm wide.
    Bracelet is 0.11 - (3mm) wide.

    Charm fits most popular bracelet styles.

    Not sold in stores, with authentic artwork by Ata Alishahi

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